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I was asked recently how I got into promoting live music and what drives me to carry on.

Well the how is well documented but why am I still doing it some 8 years later?

In the most part it’s fun. It’s a hobby (an expensive one!) that allows me to work with like minded people and meet up with some interesting and helpful folk.

Unlike some I certainly don’t do it to crave attention or to fill a gap in my life. The constant seeking of reassurance and praise from the ticket buying public is not something I need in my life.

Will I keep on doing it? For how long? – Who knows is the answer.

None of us know what surprises life has in store for us. Of that I can speak from experience!

Certainly, this year (as in previous years) I have decided to promote less shows, the difference being that this year I’m sticking to that vow!

Next weeks Spear of Destiny gig is only the 4th show this year. For now, there will be no shows through the summer months unless I’m offered something special.

I do get offered loads of stuff but I’m not doing things just for the sake of it. I note that 2 acts I recently turned down are playing locally in the coming months. They may turn out to be good shows but of no interest to me!

After the summer there are 3 shows in place. There are accepted offers in for 2 major acts which I’m just waiting to see if they can fit Stockton into the schedule on the right dates on their planned tours.

There’s a certain Liverpudlian I’m keen to bring back as well, a Scottish band I’d really love to have down here and of course the band that got me into promoting will always be given a gig if they want one.

Other than that, who knows?

The Chords UK Georgian Theatre 13th April

The Chords UK is the current incarnation of Mod-Punk Mega Group The Chords (originally 1979-81), and features original member Chris Pope.

Tickets £10 adv

“As savage as (Pete) Townshend with toothache… Ace.” Uncut magazine

“Loud, sweeping, righteous, and verging on the bombastic, it’s cut-the-crap stuff…it’s good to have him back.” Record Collector Magazine

See more info at

Support from Thee Strawberry Mynde & Sound Reaction

2018 Shows Update



5 shows confirmed so far for 2018.

1st up return of Richard Strange’s Doctors of Madness in March with supports from Sister Paul, Lilibud and Sally Wheatley which is a unique collaboration between ex penetration guitarist and Band of Holy Joy frontman Johny Brown – not to be missed.

“The missing link between David Bowie and the Sex Pistols” – I don’t really need to add much to that!!

Busy in April with shows from John Owtay,  Chords UK and The Galileo 7.

John Otway might now have reached the ripe old age of 65 but he’s still as mad as a box of frogs who has built a sizeable cult audience through extensive touring, a surreal sense of humour and a self-deprecating underdog persona. Never a dull moment and yes he will play Really Free!

Chords UK are the latest version of a band who formed as punks embers were dying out and the Mod revival movement was beginning to grow. They were lumped in with the mod scene and played with The Jam a lot but in truth they were just a really good band who played fast melodic pop music. Best known for the anthemic Maybe Tomorrow.

The Galileo 7 feature Allan Crockford who was an original member of Medway rockers The Prisoners and when not playing in Graham Day & The Forefathers records and plays live as The Galileo 7 and play psych-tinged, garage-flavoured, Medway-tainted power-pop that will “Tear Your Mind Out”

May sees the return of kirk Brandon’s Spear of Destiny with support from kirk’s partner in crime Stan Stammer’s band Crazy Pink Revolvers and King Mojo.

Spear of Destiny have a new album out this year entitled “Tontine” and will be airing tracks from it but as ever it’s the olies that get the crowd moving. Not sure “Preacher” will get an airing but I love this clip from Switch which was one of the finest live music shows on British TV in the Eighties.

As ever tickets from the venue or on line at SEE, Ticketsource and WGT or just get in touch to buy direct without booking fees.