In 2010 I started promoting live music as a partnership with 2 others under the name of Rock Garden Revisited. I soon got itchy fingers to do shows on my own and did my first solo promotion under the name of Minus Me Promotions.

I started taking stock of things in the summer of 2016 and realised that I would soon be promoting my 65th show. I considered that maybe it was time to retire from the promoting lark how ever I decided against it. Although I’d chosen Minus Me as the name I’d never really been a fan of it and so I thought I would retire Minus Me and rebrand myself.

Fast Forward is the out come of that and the first shows have now taken place. In truth things won’t be that different. It’ll be more of the same, great live music with tickets priced as low as possible.

Please have a look around the site and bookmark it for future reference. Its in its early days so there’s not a lot here at the moment but it will grow over time.

New shows will always be announced here and there will be ticket links dotted about.

You can contact me in all the usual ways, Twitter, Facebook and by email at  dave (at) fastforwardpromotions.co.uk or use the contact form below.

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