The Fallen Leaves – Westgarth Social Club Sat 7th May

This Saturday 7th May sees the return of the best live band in Britain.

Hard to believe it’s been over 2 years since The Fallen Leaves played at the Westgarth Social Club. If you’ve seen them before then you’ll know what to expect, if you haven’t then try to imagine a cross between the Who and the Ramones and you’ll be somewhere close.


Simple Songs For Complex People.

Punk Rock For Gentlemen.

No Jeans. No t-shirts. No Cover-Versions.

The Fallen Leaves believe in the DIY Punk ethos.

Song, Sound and Performance are all.

Recordings are live, minimal overdubs.

As the self proclaimed champions of the glorious underachievers The Fallen Leaves ask you to remember … Simple and easy are not the same thing.

Doors are 7:30pm and tickets are here

Support comes from The Girl With The Replaceable Head (featuring ex Go-betweens drummer Lindy Morrison) and @The-Moron-o-Phonics.

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