Next Show

The next (and final 2021) show features the return of Kirk Brandon’s Theatre of Hate.

Tickets here from SEE Tickets and also available from The Georgian Theatre, Sound It Out Records and Lucifers bar both in Stockton.

Stockton/Middlesbrough has become a second home for Kirk over the last 10 years having performed with Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny, solo akoustiK and with Dead Men Walking around 20 times.

He keeps coming back because people keep coming to see him play because they know what they are going to get. Never anything less than a full on show that doesn’t just rely on the golden oldies (they get played of course though!) but also new music that is as relevant and exciting as anything he has produced over the preceding 40+years.

There’s a multitude of bootlegs and semi official releases covering the band’s early days but in 2022 Cherry Red release an exhaustive 6 disc box set that covers just about everything ever released along side previously unheard material along with interviews with Kirk with Mojo’s Pat Gilbert along side sleeve notes. It will be available at shows or on line from Cherry Red here.

The old.

The new (ish)

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