The Space Agency Sat 11th Sept at The Westgarth Club

Saturday 11th September sees the return of The Space Agency to The Westgarth Social Club, our first promotion at the club since November 2019 – it will be nice to be back again.

Formed in 2002 by Simon Jones, a Middlesbrough lad born & bread but now a long term Hove resident the band also feature Hiromi Jones & Andrew Bowler.

Simon was initially in the band Vibrasonic who released a number of singles and 2 albums whilst managing to play with guitar legends Dick Dale and Link Wray.

The Space Agency play instrumental songs, no vocals and their sound is described loosely as “Psychedelic” but in reality it is just very unique music not dissimilar to the surf rock records of the sixties. Simon lists some of his influences that form how the Space Agency sound as “Psychedelic & Garage Punk records like The Electric Prunes, The Seeds, The Chocolate Watchband, The 13th Floor Elevators, Pebbles and Nuggets compilations, The Ventures & Surf Instrumentals”

The band have played The Westgarth a couple of times now and a great time is always had by those in attendance.

I’m sure there will be plenty of merch at the show or alternatively you can buy The Space Agency’s music on line here at their Bandcamp page.

There’s a really unique support band for the show called Bubamara

The bands Facebook page about section describes them as “Musica frizzante della Mediterranean” which according to Google translates as “Sparkling Mediterranean music”.

They are also variously described as folk punk, Sicillian skiffle, Cossack Ska and various other things. Sounds like a right melting pot and I’m really looking forward to seeing these lads play.

Tickets are available on line or just pay on the door.

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