Upcoming Gigs ???

I’ve had a lot of people getting in touch lately asking if such and such a gig is taking place/being rescheduled/cancelled. I’ve had people asking about social distancing and what precautions will be in place when venues actually open. I thought it worthwhile making a few observations.

Before any shows can take place a number of factors have to change and be clarified.

Firstly the Government have to allow venues to open up and clarify the position on social distancing. Until this happens then no shows will take place.

Secondly the venues I use to promote shows will have to identify what capacities they are allowed to admit into the building and implement the necessary controls identified to manage social distancing and most importantly provide as safe an environment as possible.

It is the intention of Fast Forward to go ahead with all planned shows.

That said the current 2m requirement of social distancing will slash venue capacities to such a level that it may not be feasible for the band, the promoter or the venue to permit any of the shows to take place.

It’s very possible that over the days and weeks to come for many different reasons then shows may get rescheduled or cancelled altogether. It is hoped that doesn’t happen but if it does anyone who has purchased a ticket will be able to use the tickets on a rescheduled date or get a refund. As much notice as possible will be given to any change of dates.

If shows go ahead but with reduced capacity then be assured ticket prices will not be increased to compensate. The current advertised prices will remain.

The next show featuring The Pack at The Georgian Theatre is just 8 weeks away.

Hopefully the current reduction in new virus cases continues, the Government gives the go ahead to open for gigs and we are all able to get out and have some fun.

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