Kitty Daisy & Lewis

Kitty Daisy & Lewis play The Georgian Theatre in Stockton on Saturday 8th June with doors at 8pm. Tickets are available from the venue and on line at SEE Tickets here

It’s hard to believe that Kitty Daisy and Lewis have been around so long and yet are still so young. They initially broke through in 2006 when their second single “Mean Son Of A Gun” was released.

The trio of siblings, from a musical family – dad, Graeme Durham, an engineer at London’s Exchange studio, mum, Ingrid Weiss, the former drummer in post punk band  “The Raincoats” – have have now released 4 albums, the most latest being 2018’s “Superscope” a sparkling analogue production, recorded in their vintage studio in Camden Town.

Described as “a gift to those of us who still believe in magic,” London sisters & brother Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Durham are an extraordinary trio of songwriters who can play any instrument they lay their hands on.


Photo By Jackson Lavell-Lee

They are often pigeon holed with the retro tag, but Superscope is no genre exercise. Yes, they are proud of their influences – R&B, blues, funk, jazz and soul – but their music is cast in their own image. “There’s no nostalgia, no recreation of past eras,” says Daisy. “It’s a mixture of all of our minds, a real melting pot.”

Superscope continues to harness their ability to create pop infused soul, blues, rock ‘n’ roll and more, mixing up genres to perfection emerging with their musical armoury. The first fruits from the band’s studio session arrived in the shape of the single “Down On My Knees”, a high octane burst of infectious glam tinged rock ‘n’ roll, an impressive introduction to the album.

Starting out young, they have inspired audiences and gathered an impressive fan base from Amy Winehouse to David Lynch. Each rotating on different instruments with a live set that includes punk-infused pop, R&B, jazz, soul, blues, ska, country, rock ‘n’ roll and more, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis mix up genres to perfection!

Kitty Daisy & Lewis tickets available from SEE Tickets and other on line outlets.

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