Fallen Leaves at The Westgarth Club Middlesbrough

The Fallen Leaves return for their 9th visit to Teesside on Saturday 9th February .

Ticket info here

People have asked me why I have promoted them so many times. Well the simple answer is they are just so darned good, one of the best live bands around, especially in The Westgarth, a room which seems to suit their sound brilliantly.

The band formed in 2004 and consist of Rob Green on vocals, Rob Symmons on guitar, Mathew Karass and Brett “Buddy” Ascot on drums.

annotation 2019-01-30 111019What do they sound like you ask?

Well, imagine a cross between The Who and The Ramones and you might be somewhere near. Brought up on Punk and Mod. Influenced by classic British beat such as The Who, Kinks, and Rolling Stones.  The Times called it “Sharp, angular, melodic garage-pop”

From an earlier visit to the Westgarth:

Last year with a new and unrecorded track.

The band have released 4 classic studio albums and recently released the compilation  album “Punk Rock For Gentlemen – 12 near Misses”

A live album is due out shortly, recorded at the legendary Hope And Anchor in London. Hopefully early vinyl versions will be available at the gig at the Westgarth.

To keep you going until next week here’s a You Tube playlist of some excellent videos from The Fallen Leaves.

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