Reserving Tickets

Since I began promoting gigs way back in 2010 I’ve been happy to “reserve” or hold tickets for people to pay the advance price on the door. By and large this hasn’t been a problem but recently I’ve noticed more and more people asking to reserve tickets and then not turn up or even tell me they weren’t coming. For example 37 people asked me to hold tickets for the recent Theatre of Hate show and only a handful turned up. I’ve even had people I don’t know turn up expecting to pay the advance price when they haven’t even asked me because “everyone does it”

The process is unfair on people who buy on line tickets in advance as they get tickets cheaper than the ”On The Door” price and therefore this doesn’t encourage people to buy in advance which when you’re committing to large amounts of money to put on a show is a real comfort blanket.

I appreciate booking fees/postal charges can be seen as a rip off but they are a necessary evil. The promoter gets no money from booking fees, postage charges, it all goes to the ticket agency.

Therefore I have reluctantly decided that I am not going to ‘reserve or ‘hold’ tickets any more. I realise that may be seen as unfair on the group of people who have always played the game and not let me down when “reserving” tickets but it’s simply unfair on others and causes me too much hassle.

I’m more than happy to sell tickets directly to people and I absorb the postage fees and don’t charge any booking fee when selling directly. I’m happy to take payment via Paypal which provides payment protection for the buyer and at no other additional cost to the purchaser other than the price of the ticket.

Anyone wanting tickets can use the Paypal link here  or buy from the venues and usual on line outlets.

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