2018 – Done & dusted!

Weekend just gone has seen the final shows of 2018. I said last year that I would be doing less shows in 2018 and definitely stuck to that. Great as well to do more co promotions and work with like minded people.

So thanks to John Otway, Chords UK, Galilleo 7, Spear of Destiny, Fallen Leaves, Filthy Tongues, Monochrome Set and Theatre of Hate for delivering great head line shows in 2018.

Thanks as well to all the support bands, too many to mention but most notable sets from Quarterlight, Cathode Ray and Johnny Seven but credit to Sound Reaction and Thee Strawberry Mynde without who’s help some gigs just wouldn’t have happened.

Best of the year? For me Fallen Leaves but Filthy Tongues ran them close.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way shape or form but especially those that supported the gigs buying coming along and buying tickets

Cheers all, here’s to 2019.

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