The Fallen Leaves return!

What do they sound like?

Punk/Mod/Garage/Beat. Imagine a cross between The Who and The Ramones and you’re somewhere near.

They play simple songs for complex people. But remember, simple and easy are not the same thing.

The band have released four albums on CD. 10 tracks on each, as the saying goes, all killer, no filler. Listen to them on Spotify.

The vinyl “Greatest Hits” collection Punk Rock For Gentlemen is now nearly sold out but it will be released on CD soon. You can watch some videos on You Tube as well.

The Fallen Leaves will play at The Westgarth Social Club on Saturday 29th September. 

Song, Sound and Performance are all. It will be great. It always is!

You can buy tickets on line here, behind the bar in the venue or pay on the door although it will cost a couple of quid more!


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